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Stoned Again II

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Medicine in my head again
Laughin’ at you half-eyed with a sideways grin
Puff puff puffin’ that medicine in
Look around I bet I find another grin
So stoned Im droppin’ phrases never to see them again
So for now this little rhymecapade I’ll bring to it’s end……


Lemme Clarify

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 As I look back at Stoned Again, I see that it is open to criticism by the hypocrite who may say “He is just a pot head and immature.’ This is not a short poem written by a Jr. High student. I am a grown man, who as a young man and even to the present time has suffered much. Both from my own sin as well as that of others. I am diagnosed with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as Bi-Polar Disorder. (Come on… Society is “Bi-Polar” Where do ya think I learned it???..) Cannabis slows the clattering mind and brings peace. God made cannabis and all that we know of the natural world. He made the fruit of the vine, of which the psalmist has said “Wine maketh glad the heart of man.” To the perverse all things are perverse says the Apostle of Christ.Even Christ the Lord was considered an “outlaw” in this world because the hypocrites which run it said He was so? Come on..  What we take into us does not defile us. It is that which we hold in our heart that brings us close to God or alienates us from Him. Cannabis is good medicine for those who chose it. Nothing that God has made is evil in itself. It is we who defile what He has made for us in His perfect will. Real life is about the heart, not the appearance of this worlds plastic faces. Take time and enjoy. Sometimes taking a little medicine like cannabis curbs the murder in mens hearts. It does for me.

It is better to be than to appear.

I be a sinner,

God have mercy on my soul…..



Stoned Again

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Stoned again*

It helps me think of life and grin*

I think past thinkin’ my birth was sin*

Praise be to God*

I’m stoned again

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