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Just a bit of my perspective….

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At eight years of age I was baptised at Sacred Heart Church in Anderson, California. I was attending the private school there with the financial help of my grandpa and grandma. I remember being so excited to be able to learn about God in school. This turned out to be a mistake and to suffices to say that I was utterly rejected by “the people of God”. Later in my teenage years I attended protestant churches being constantly assured that I needed to “get right”. Then later and during my 3 years and 8 months in youth prison ( California Youth Authority or CYA) I practiced Buddhism, martial arts, male hula, and served in a military program at N.A. Chaderjian called simply the Cadets. I also attended some courses from the private school UOP in Stockton and read cool stuff like “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran. I can in no way sumarize the variety of types I was around for those years. After my release from CYA and during the first part of my marriage I attended Bethel Church in Redding, CA a very popular “renewal church”. I also attended some of their first School of Ministry courses. I am now an Orthodox Christian and know I spend the rest of my life in conversion ever reaching for, ever incapable of loves boundless selflessness. For the Christian at least, there is nothing to compare with Orthodoxy in the purity of its transmission of grace from then to now. Ive been diluted and ill-informed, rejected and judged, belittled and mocked by ALL of these groups. So I would encourage you fellow traveler and strugglers, let us keep our gaze upward from whence comes our help and every good thing. All men fail so pathetically to perform love. But then draw close then to one who though he sins he weeps and cries.  To God and his brothers here in humility for forgiveness. God has not given us the power to truly see into the mystery of guilt and innocence in the heart of another. Virtue is PURELY an INSIDE job and any moral rightness applied outside oneself is plain wickedness and is why God has said; “Judge not and thou shall not be judged!” One big reason I believe governments and police are unnatural and harmful. If God is good what can he do or create that is bad?  Only through our misunderstanding or ignorance are “evils” committed in this world. The wickedness of religious groups is fueled by the unnatural anxiety of being right or wrong. This in my mind is related very easily to the fall of man when were separated from the Truth, and grew then to fear deception. It really shows when so called christians go out in joy to dominate anthers intellects and and reveal their “sins”.  Say this magic prayer and all is well, your ticket to heaven is in the mail. THen it then comes with a guarantee that this dollar store salvation cannot be lost….. WAKE UP! You moralize the people with your cheap smokescreen of virtues and so become like the pharisee a white washed tomb. Gaining the Virtues is like going to the gym to bulk up. You never own the virtue you merely tend to it and exercise it or it is unnoticeable and of no effect in your journey. Men who claim to posses them, only declare their ignorance of them. No man is just good! We only struggle together towards it. Only God is without any form of incompleteness. We fully need Him and it seems, we mostly learn good things from each other “by accident” having no love and little respect for each other.

(to be continued.. Helping with a friends B-Day party)

I launch an all out assault on division, judgment and hatred among all men……..

The Revolution is within, pay attention to the war inside and become indomitable from without!


Wake from the Nightmare

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In my life I have found that ANY so-called “knowledge” that inspires fear is flawed and should be discarded. Fear can be healthy only as applies when one is ignorant of something. All true knowledge should empower and if that knowledge in some way criticizes, it happens within. So if you are taught to fear I humbly suggest looking for knowledge where there is peace and not anxiety..

blessings to you all.


this is great!!!

What among mens wisdom?

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How many things do you reveal unfeigned?

From my birth, inherited hypocricies have stained.

Lonely and astray have the sincere remained.


Pain and suffering the way of less fortunate?

These nearly alone would mark the Kings portrait.

Could it be mens eyes upon the wrong prize set.. ?


Truth is caring, consistent and kind.

It hides strength in the weak, divine sight in the blind.

It needs not be heard, counts not itself the better mind.


If God Himself counted not possition of possesion..?

Why listen you to cowards which long only for histories mention?

Magicians, that struggle and fight for lesser minds attention.


The first is the last for he had found no place to begin.

The last then becomes first humbly replacing the pride of lifes sin.

We cannot posess it whole but let us be brave to begin.


My son, my experience says it wise to ignore all men who wish to be heard.

Truth is born upon the rock of action, not the sand of meer words.

Revealed He chose the outcast… Revealing the unrevealed in the unrehersed…


Our deception is a fire fed alone by our pride.

Be brave, live in light, seek no dark place to hide.

We are judged by our hearts, not a single rule of man makes guilt inside.


Seek Truth and ye shall find it..


Stoned Again II

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Medicine in my head again
Laughin’ at you half-eyed with a sideways grin
Puff puff puffin’ that medicine in
Look around I bet I find another grin
So stoned Im droppin’ phrases never to see them again
So for now this little rhymecapade I’ll bring to it’s end……

Good Medicine

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Can’t hardly see to write
Must be that time of night
Deep in plot ’bout this war I fight
Without good medicine I would not sleep well tonight.


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Lemme Clarify

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 As I look back at Stoned Again, I see that it is open to criticism by the hypocrite who may say “He is just a pot head and immature.’ This is not a short poem written by a Jr. High student. I am a grown man, who as a young man and even to the present time has suffered much. Both from my own sin as well as that of others. I am diagnosed with PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as Bi-Polar Disorder. (Come on… Society is “Bi-Polar” Where do ya think I learned it???..) Cannabis slows the clattering mind and brings peace. God made cannabis and all that we know of the natural world. He made the fruit of the vine, of which the psalmist has said “Wine maketh glad the heart of man.” To the perverse all things are perverse says the Apostle of Christ.Even Christ the Lord was considered an “outlaw” in this world because the hypocrites which run it said He was so? Come on..  What we take into us does not defile us. It is that which we hold in our heart that brings us close to God or alienates us from Him. Cannabis is good medicine for those who chose it. Nothing that God has made is evil in itself. It is we who defile what He has made for us in His perfect will. Real life is about the heart, not the appearance of this worlds plastic faces. Take time and enjoy. Sometimes taking a little medicine like cannabis curbs the murder in mens hearts. It does for me.

It is better to be than to appear.

I be a sinner,

God have mercy on my soul…..



Stoned Again

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Stoned again*

It helps me think of life and grin*

I think past thinkin’ my birth was sin*

Praise be to God*

I’m stoned again

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