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Wake from the Nightmare

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In my life I have found that ANY so-called “knowledge” that inspires fear is flawed and should be discarded. Fear can be healthy only as applies when one is ignorant of something. All true knowledge should empower and if that knowledge in some way criticizes, it happens within. So if you are taught to fear I humbly suggest looking for knowledge where there is peace and not anxiety..

blessings to you all.


this is great!!!


Cowardly Me?

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The only cowards that I see, are men presumptuous enough to label other men cowards. A crime I observe and commit enough to see it’s horrible effects. Stop it! ALL of creation is good. Yet I still fight….? I too fight an illusion. I am no teacher to sermonize from on high. I wear my singlet and report to the mat of life. I wrestle the unknown and he pins me again and again. Paul Trout a world class chef, my friend and at one time my sons wrestling coach, presented this concept to the young men.. The sport of wrestling is one that requires a certain amount of character in which you can bravely confront your fears. Therefore, whether they win them all or lose them all, the boys that step out onto that mat till the end are worthy of recognition. So pin me. I fear not the weak judgment of other men. As a child I trust that there is too much out there for me to know. No one is completely right…. But if you look and see the fruit of peace, this tree has strong immovable and ancient roots. Draw from that one and cease drawing “wisdom” from men bent on violence. One who understands really can have no hatred or aggression as you and I. If we close our eye and ears to the deeds of others our true vision can regain its focus.



Innocent fervor betrayed

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Dear so and so you thought a saint.?

I’ll tell you my child

I will prove that he aint.


This one there he is pious you say?

silly nave just look here,

see how dark? Oh the price he must pay.


Wait my child be informed before you go,

fifty more great men have I listed here.

Really they fail and I thought you should know.


What man for me a mockery of what I hold inside?

Come an orphan sure of hope

And felt the sting of wicked words, met only disdain and pride.


Though hero’s strive, which stay afloat upon this ocean of sin?

The righteous one then becomes thus

Returning to the Divine again and again.


Satan accuses, but we children, let us choose the path of love. Love covers and does not expose. Love believes in spite of rational court data. Guilt lies in the heart and this we cannot see. Sin is common the humble and repentant are not.


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Swallowed up…. Overwhelmed by uselessness
On the dark edge of nowhere, plunging into it’s nothingness
Nowhere to rest wearing shame like an iron necklace
The once fair form, deformed by rage and ugliness
No soul cares to look at all the soul has transgressed
The soul dies inwardly, causing life to regress
Tired be this soul…..  Growing ever more fond of death

  I am really trying to share a snippet of my struggle. Some criticise the dark theme of my work but in trying to avoid hypocricy I only share as my own soul percieves. This is what I wrestle with. These struggles fill up my day with toil. They separate me from love. From love and it’s supernatural power to conquer all. I have not many earthly ambitions and I am having trouble choosing things conducive to life. I see lifes beauty in the eyes of my little girl. I feel it’s sting right here and right now. I feel it’s hate like heat, it burns shame upon my back. I am still breathing though and there may well spring forth a victory released from my pen. To my soul, from Gods heart for His creation.

Forgive me, pray for me,

If Life Loves Not….

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If life loves not, then why should I
I see nothing real with the naked eye
Your fake ass lies sufferers decry.
I lay here alone and here alone I        die
No soul to comfort me bye and   bye
You judge and minimize these tears I cry.
Many times I wish I had wings, to fly.
If you had taken a moment to look into my eyes
A love lives there you could not deny.
I crouch down as around me devil’s fly
If life loves not, then why should I.
I see no friends and hear only demons cries.
Alone I’m not bitter, but still I die.
This lonely battle I wage  inside.


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