About JT

Me n my cuz Mick 1977

My name is Jason (Im on the right). I was Born and raised in beautiful Northern California. I was raised in the presence of working men; truckers, builders, cowboys etc.. A few outlaws and bikers scatered in there also. The love in my life was given mainly by one person, my hero and grandmother Helen Duggan. On this site I will be publishing bits and pieces of her life story.  Written by her, the work was not completed before her death in 1995. My goal will be to publish her work with mine into a complete story. She was in my opinion a saint in this world who loved those around her without reservation or judgment. She was the light of my life and was taken to heaven on the eve of my release from California Youth Authority. My personal faith has been shaken to the core many times, and I wish I had her strength now, I miss her greatly.  I am currently at the end of a 12 year marriage and I have allowed my life to go to hell, by my poor decisions. As I attempt to get things back under control, I am beginning to release my work. My writing keeps me going in the dark moments and allows me to express the joy of the great moments.  A picture may express a thousand words but a thousand words are barely a couple pages in the Iliad(an epic historical poem)! I want to learn more and express the love that I have for people and their many different experiences in life. I have no idea where this site will go but I hope that you enjoy and are strengthened as well as encouraged in visiting. I believe that we all have greatness in us, and we all have evil.  As I share my journey with openness and honesty I hope to share my small amount of wisdom and strength with you. I have caused much difficulty in my own life and sometimes those around me, but each day is new so I depend on the forgiveness of those who love me. If  you are up to it follow my blog and share with me your opinions and expiriencess. I would love to make this site into a light that encourages many, teaches, and expresses life in an honest way. Forgive my rambling, I hope you enjoy jt…..


One Response to “About JT”

  1. Aunt connie Says:

    I love this idea, Jason. It will be very interesting. Love you.

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