Why do men of intelligence suffer so with no sure remedy?


We claim to be men of  “Science and Reason”… Yet we make paper thin laws with which we label and judge. Most tragic we lock men, beings of Divine origin in asylums and jails, destroying and snuffing out divine potential. (I will only later in detail expose how feeble your “moral” farce.) We do this all based upon  a sense or rather an illusion that we can actually determine the true guilt or innocence of another soul.! An acknowledgment of the complexity of ones own soul should be enough to expose the cheapness of this “science”. Science I was told, is to be practiced by people who loved knowledge, but it seems more to me to be a love of apparent rightness really.  You cannot live within another souls existence.  Feel it’s shame and pride, nor bear it’s injustices. Therefore how can a rational man claim to make a righteous judgment about things he cannot see?! Especially with modern mans understandable distrust of all things unseen… This my friends is the ILLUSION on which every society is built.  All of creation is good and any apparent defect or accusation comes from outside the heart of man and can in no way come from the Divine.  A perfect circle of destruction, the more we accuse the more guilty we become.

We my friends can cease with the tragedy of externalizing our ideals. With our ideals projected on a world ruled by deception we lose hope and give in to our wickedness. Wars, crimes and sickness…. A problem you can not have unless we are deceived and defensive.  There really is nothing to attack, only love to be learned.


I aint right. Im just real…..



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