To the Truth, to Him for which I owe my existence and any good thing….

My friends,

I wish it to be known that if any good things come of what I write, and if any man be carried away from a place of despair in the reading of my words; the source of my inspiration. My grandmother Helen is primary and saintly I have written of her much. She communicated love to a soul that would otherwise be completely full of hate and murder. My daughter and soul mate inseparable from my heart. One glance at her and I believe fresh again, leave the dark truth of this world and in her eyes swim in the waters of hope. Though I have seen the worst God has blessed me to know the best of men. Those like Uncle John, Robbie my brother, and Bill Ellis my father in law. I have no strength of character as theirs. My boyz up north, those I would not dare mention because we are free and of the outlaw sort, respectful men who believe in one another. Those on the street, you have given and then you have taken. You instruct my soul in compassion and expose every selfish tendency I carry. So every piece I write is dedicated to you, the people that God gave me. But first of all to Ellie, Mom, and Grandma, you girls make breathing every painful stinging breath of the stench around me more than worth it!

I love you all,


My reason for life!

Daddys princess


One Response to “Dedication”

  1. Christine Says:

    This is the Jason I know and love and once again :I say,… ‘once I held you in my arms, now, I hold you in my heart, no matter where you are or what you do’
    Thank you for writing this dedication!

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