Nice punch…

I have received what feels a nice punch to the stomach. I always can find reason to despair, so yet again I find it. I received what I feel was a very offensive and immature response from one I was meant to respect. And so I hurled my insults and I cut him down… And with him all of my peace, faith, love, hope and all things good went out of me.. So I will take a break and go to find them again.. I beg your prayer and good intentions..  jt


One Response to “Nice punch…”

  1. I can’t fathom a negative response to your post…. if someone punched you in the stomach for it… well… shame on them… pray for them… and Lord Have Mercy. You’ve always spoke from the heart, and I pity those ignorant enough that won’t take the time to listen… I, myself, don’t always respond effectivley, but consider myself a decent listener… process… and may not always agree… but respect the thoughts and opinions from ones heart. YOU have a good heart…. and I’m listening….

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