Freedom: Handle with care….

I am coming to see a little more how precious, fragile and personal is the human soul. I watch, eyes filled with hot tears as we heap injustice and control on the little ones. We control and assault them with our inadequacies and hypocrisies. Respect, question not and obey!Lord have mercy. I am an Orthodox Christian (while a very poor one forgive me) and so I know of form, order, rule and tradition. I look there and I find NOTHING that binds. Except my friend only that we bind one another with wicked, cheap,  hypocritical opinions and judgment. Please I beg you….. We have NO place to label the little ones good and bad. Have mercy my friend, for their teachers are full of folly and wickedness and in no wise belong in these positions.  Let us repent and believe in the little ones, they are far more able to see  and learn from God then us tired and prideful fakes. I don’t mean in this to attack at all for we all fail, or our world would not reflect such wickedness and suffering. Only consider how we heap complex evils on them (deviance and the like)  Then say the child owns some guilt like the guilt we grown seasoned sinners carry every day. Impossible and unjust! Lord have mercy on us and give us the strength to confess our wickedness. That it maybe removed forever from memory. That we could grow once again towards You.

Believe in the goodness of His creation!!
Believe in the the little ones.


2 Responses to “Freedom: Handle with care….”

  1. Simply put…. and perfect… your eloquency of statements amaze me! take care, Ang

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