What among mens wisdom?

How many things do you reveal unfeigned?

From my birth, inherited hypocricies have stained.

Lonely and astray have the sincere remained.


Pain and suffering the way of less fortunate?

These nearly alone would mark the Kings portrait.

Could it be mens eyes upon the wrong prize set.. ?


Truth is caring, consistent and kind.

It hides strength in the weak, divine sight in the blind.

It needs not be heard, counts not itself the better mind.


If God Himself counted not possition of possesion..?

Why listen you to cowards which long only for histories mention?

Magicians, that struggle and fight for lesser minds attention.


The first is the last for he had found no place to begin.

The last then becomes first humbly replacing the pride of lifes sin.

We cannot posess it whole but let us be brave to begin.


My son, my experience says it wise to ignore all men who wish to be heard.

Truth is born upon the rock of action, not the sand of meer words.

Revealed He chose the outcast… Revealing the unrevealed in the unrehersed…


Our deception is a fire fed alone by our pride.

Be brave, live in light, seek no dark place to hide.

We are judged by our hearts, not a single rule of man makes guilt inside.


Seek Truth and ye shall find it..



One Response to “What among mens wisdom?”

  1. This poem for me says much of my heart. I believe it could be better served with an explanation. I will write it soon. If you like the read and are curious now, let me know. JT

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