The Sun Wakes One..

The sun wakes one,

But is unable to warm the bones with-in.

While masses consume food and warmth by the ton.

Tomorrow will find others still frail and thin.


With an animosity that refuses to tire ….

Loneliness, despair and hunger attack.

Just as a coal separated from the fire,

The soul alone turns cold and black.


All men fall down,

But only some are left behind

Is there guilt in that “some”

To justify men’s judgment unkind?


Cast down your gaze…

See the world the humble see.

It will truly amaze,

To deny oneself, makes ones soul soar free.


I have sat alone in suffering.

My heart been filled with self-pity and revenge.

Step by painful step I get closer to the ring.

Thankful for life, the light of new days no longer makes me cringe.


Courage and blessing to those who struggle alone…


2 Responses to “The Sun Wakes One..”

  1. I reallt really like this one

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