Set them alone and be lonely with them.


Take away their toys and be bored with them.


Don’t forget to spank them, remember also to cry with them.


If you are much prone to talking, it is right then if you listen to them.


Love never abandons the guilty one, it ever stays and suffers with them.


They will fail and they will fall. May we never cease to have mercy on them.


I wish that I could remember, and never fail to see….


It’s all about them and not about me


Of all the sin that we commit… We should fear most, our injustice towards the little ones.  When we condition them for injustice and demand for them to ignore our hypocrisies we alienate them from the Divine. We gladly build for them a great wall of skepticism and resentment. We all do carry the weight of guilt and we can turn to Him without fear. May God have mercy on us, and heal our children. May we be ever more vigilant to be just, kind, humble, and merciful.

convince and control no DEMONSTRATE AND INSPIRE…


2 Responses to “Them”

  1. Love it…. I always do though. I don’t think u could write anything that doesnt make the reader feel ur passion and truth. I eagerly await ur next one.

  2. I like this lt! Mom

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