Swallowed up…. Overwhelmed by uselessness
On the dark edge of nowhere, plunging into it’s nothingness
Nowhere to rest wearing shame like an iron necklace
The once fair form, deformed by rage and ugliness
No soul cares to look at all the soul has transgressed
The soul dies inwardly, causing life to regress
Tired be this soul…..  Growing ever more fond of death

  I am really trying to share a snippet of my struggle. Some criticise the dark theme of my work but in trying to avoid hypocricy I only share as my own soul percieves. This is what I wrestle with. These struggles fill up my day with toil. They separate me from love. From love and it’s supernatural power to conquer all. I have not many earthly ambitions and I am having trouble choosing things conducive to life. I see lifes beauty in the eyes of my little girl. I feel it’s sting right here and right now. I feel it’s hate like heat, it burns shame upon my back. I am still breathing though and there may well spring forth a victory released from my pen. To my soul, from Gods heart for His creation.

Forgive me, pray for me,


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