Maybe the Same??

It is a lot to explain the things that make me insane.


Hypocrisy beats my flesh like an ice cold rain.


I struggle and I fight not to point and blame.


How easily I forget the dirt from whence I came.


Let the humble man lead you, and not one driven by fame.


We walk the same perilous roads though our paths may not look the same.


Sometimes there is corruption at the top and sanctity at the bottom….

 Lately I cannot help but wonder if in the end we will find that in truth no man suffers more than the next. Maybe it just manifests differently in every man. Look life is hard and its isn’t fair, but let us strive not to offend and not to be unjust. If any of us fully understood life’s mysteries there would be no debate. Look for truth from your heart and the Divine promises an answer. I thinks instead of “facts” that prove this or that, we not change people but inspire through good works the flame of God in ALL His children. Love is the wild-card. Nothing beats it. No rule or written law outweighs love and forgiveness. Many times over I have “failed” to love and I don’t ever intend to preach. Forgive me. Though I fail at love it does not make to fail a virtue. 


Your failing friend and co-traveler,




One Response to “Maybe the Same??”

  1. christine maple Says:

    I need to read this everyday! Thank You!

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