Wanderings and Gatherings

I bring words together
Touch the page light like a feather
‘Neath my pen the words they gather
From one end, to another
I cover pages pen to paper
I’d stop had my heart found a brother
for yes, I am my brothers keeper
The cliffs ahead could get no steeper
nor the pit before me get one inch deeper
Yes, I am my brothers keeper
We all need one another like loves first prayer
That man He did suffer.
God as well, but death He bowed under.
No words can I write to surmise what is Truth
guilt eats at my soul, as sugar eats tooth
We ever refuse to hear what He saith
Gave back the breath of life
made a starting point of death.
You who suffered not,
paid not a debt.
Through the gate
angels dare not let.
On my guilt
can you surely bet.
Selfishness be war,
then I’m a vet.
Have the Selfless One,
you met?


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