Been gone, maybe leavin’

It has been awhile for me. I really haven’t written much of anything. As we are I think, required to have hope. I refuse to live… I sit here day after day and all I see is evil on my horizon. I wait here alone shooting dope into my veins. As I spin around the days slip by as if not a part of reality. But alas, in four short days reality comes home to me. I wait on the word of a judge. I do not think he knows the weight of his decision, but I do think he will try to make the “right” one. If I am not to be freed from things long past….. I quit. So though I am back I may leave again soon.


One Response to “Been gone, maybe leavin’”

  1. Update: I have since this time been relieved of the unjust shame and acusation of my youth. The struggle remains but I find peace in this victory.

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