My Dear Brother

My dear brother (the pen)

My dear brother is the pen.

Who shares with me the joys and pains of this life.

Had the great King David known not the pen, how then would men’s souls find a friend.

From the Holy Gospel of Christ—

The Gospel stories of His passionless passion for us the created,

to the wit and passion of Shakespeare.

The pen in hand gives a voice to the oppressed, strength to the weary,

and joy to the sorrowful. Can it not also relate one man

to another in cause and in pain — in all things indeed!

May the pen that unites us in humanity seeking divinity,

never cease to lay ink on the pages of our hearts.

A picture it is said is worth a thousand words..

But I would submit to you that a thousand words are but a couple pages of a good book.

Let the ink flow from me Lord like blood on the battle field.

Let my words speak Truth and encouragement,

bringing life and not death to the heart of my fellow man.

Painting for him a picture of the human and his only true hope, his only true love…..

The Divine



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