Though I cannot see……

I cannot see a path a path before me at all_

The rocks so big and the mountains tall_


From where I once upon the mountain gazed_

I saw clearly from there, but now surrounded by haze_


Up to now many trails have I wandered_

Heaven and hell upon these trails have I pondered_


I have pondered, I have thought; reasoned for sure_

The truth I am desperately far from pure_


My weak and shabby righteousness has left me lonely ‘pon this trail_

Many people I have offended, for a long cold season I have failed_


Now I rest on this Holy Mountain, and with time I look back on time_

I rest and I seek direction, in my heart ask God for a sign_


Though I see not the way before me, nor under my feet_

I must please have faith, and many sins not repeat_


My hypocrisies spin round, as they grind my soul into dust_

Friends I must have your help, to seek and find the face of God I must_




My dear friends, pray for each other and above all love and touch one another. Encourage the souls around you for we are all brought low by the enemies of our souls.  Remember though I fail that JT loves you so……

Gods grace and blessing on you all this holiday season!



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