Traveling partnerz

Everyday it seems as though life is coming into focus. Slowly,… I don’t mean to say that I have any answers signed sealed and delivered. The answers are here though in this place of peace. I wish to settle here and if there is to be violence I wish it to be toward heaven and for the goal of salvation. As I said when I started this web site.. I simply invite you to walk with me and to share with me if you so wish. Please look back at my writing and tell me what you think. There is a lot here. A lot of my heart…. I hope that maybe you would share some of yours. Let us share. Let us together seek Love, Life and Truth. Our God did not design us for walking alone, so lets be traveling partnerz. And of course………. Friends


One Response to “Traveling partnerz”

  1. To all my friends…. that round building is my home.. I live in there..

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