Walking With a Good Man…

If there is anyone that I value spending time with these days it is definitely Uncle John. Im not real sure that I can put our relationship into words, but I will try. Technically he is not my uncle, but I am proud to call him uncle and blessed to have him in my life. My uncle John is truly a prime traveling partner through the jungle of this life. He never presumes that he is the one with the best knowledge and as such many of his words are ripe with real and genuine wisdom. Though he was in Vietnam and has seen many wild days here at home. Life and death, spirituality, and personal relationship remain very important in his thoughts and in his way of life. Though one could not hope to find any one man that he could always agree with. I can tell you without the slightest division of heart, that I respect all the words that come from his lips. Especially his few words of advice. He has shed light on huge issues in my life with just one sentence. Breaking away years of false thinking I had built up in order to feel safe. In one such example is a topic I had made light of much before, so as to appear tough and unmoved. The topic… My willingness or ability to take the life of another human being. Without drama or many words, uncle John took a breath and said “You know Jason, killing someone is just bad karma..”. Now I don’t expect this to have the profound effect on you as it had on me. But let me tell you that it allowed me to separate my need to feel safe from the issue of taking life from another man. Big stuff for me and for anyone dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)…

PTSD is something we have in common. Our experiences though quite different have led us to see life through very similar eyes. Where uncle John saw death, I saw much violence and disregard for human life and dignity. I do know death and fear… It is true that I know them all less than Uncle John but I know them in my own way. I love and I desire peace but at the same time I am very willing to take life away.. But really, when I am around John the conversation rarely leans in that direction. Maybe two or three times since I have known him.

Even as a pet owner and as a gardener he is very conscientious and kind. He is very patient with dog and cat. Uncle John respects life and for those around him he wishes quality of life. Even to his garden he acts as caretaker. Doing all he can to fill the need of each fruit or vegetable. I guess you would have to see to understand. It is almost to me like he combs his hair or cooks his meal. Tending to his garden is tending to himself.

Now that I am coming once again out of the cloud of meth use. I can only say that much if not all of the healing and goodness I have received in the past few weeks has come from this gracious man. I ask God to bless Uncle John and grant him many years that I might continue to learn from and share with him in this crazy ass dream we call life.

Thank You Uncle John

For all that you do.



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