Karma failz…. or not.?



Justice lives in the heart of each man.

It is no system or thing outward on which we can stand.

Justice can be compared to true communism,

that when given power the once ideal destroys and kills men…….


Goodness, justice, and community cannot be squeezed from a mans heart.

These beghaviors are only virtues when a man stands with the higher self and spontaneously does his part.


The poor justice system is not evil as it has no choice but to exist.

Each man need abhor the injustice found in himself and strive to help his neighgbor who is weak and sick.


The race of man is full of lust violence and selfishness

This is our common condition brothers nothing more and nothing less.


I hope that in all my foolishness I am learning the virtues and slowing the work of evil in my bones.

For the virtues being known only make painful my hypocrisies, from which I wail and moan.


Karma I guess has not failed as I so often complain.

It is I who have failed to do my part and so my lazy soul has caused me this great pain.


As it was once said. That all men are sinners, yet among sinners I myself am chief.

I am an adulterer, an addict, and an outlaw… so may the small justice of my suffering in the end be my relief….


May those who have counted me close forgive my many and common offences..

May God forgive my hatred of this divinely given life. That I have persisted on answering Him with my very death bed.


There is no righteous excuse, only shame…. healed hopefully by the power of Gods truth.


Your unworthy

co-traveler and failing


I have seen truth often in this life only to loose hope at the smallest of trials. Pray that I learn steadfastness.  My little girl deserves it……

May hope remain....


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