Tid Bits

    As I have recently shared with you my strong feelings of disapproval towards the Redding Police Department.  I would like to say that my judgments of self are just as harsh.  I am in the middle of a divorce now, and have made many selfish and illegal decisions in recent months.  In the last year I confess that I left my little princess for many months.  I got in trouble with the law used lots and lots of drugs, and worst of all I shot myself on accident, intending to get revenge on others.  I have a knack for screwing things up big when I screw them up.  In my opinion, cowards leave their children to chance and do not nurture protect and guide them through this crazy world.  If my math is correct that makes me a coward.  I believe that we all have before us each day, the choices that define us as the days hero or the days coward.  If you are breathing I would be willing to bet that you have made decisions of both kinds.  I am not satisfied with the decisions of months past and am making new ones in the hope that I will be Ellianas hero.  I do not sit up here and write about injustice as though I have not committed some myself.  To justify over and over that you have some kind of right to act in a way that causes others pain is the evil I hate. To look down your nose at the weakness of others is despicable.   We really do have an obligation to uplift and support one another, no matter what our place in society.  Especially in these times.  We need each other!  Care for one another,  take injustice personally and seriously.  To people of all positions: Keep your chin up and make this a better community with a smile and a helping hand.   I need the love and support of those around me and I have shed rivers of tears for my foolishness.  If you suffer alone as sometimes I do, please keep your thoughts heavenward and may God send you an angel to lift you up.   I am jt, a struggling father and a horrible sinner.  I am striving for something bigger and greater than the hypocrisies of this foolish world.  Lets do this…..  God bless.

Your friend and co-sufferer



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