To art or not to art…..

     I am presenting here with an explanation, a poem of mine entitled “The Empty Image of Art”.  I am giving an explanation because I keep getting head scratching responses from my friends. I wrote this poem because the overwhelming majority of “art” consumed by americans is cinema. Although some cinema is good. It is for the most part empty of “capital T” truth. Which to me the artist is trying to capture and express. How do we make sense out of this world we live in? I myself enjoy many films because they are light and easy to digest. I believe this is my own personal weakness and need to hide away from my own reality. I long to be amused. Amuse is an interesting word that has among its meanings, according to the Websters New World College Dictionary 4th Addition:

” [obs.]  to engage the attention of so as to deceive; delude; bemuse”.

The [obs.] is a usage meaning explained as: ” The word or meaning is no longer used at all, although it may be found in very old writings.” 

     Well I being a traditional chap would like to resurrect it. Amusement is practically a religion itself in modern America. I personally believe it is applicable here, and so here it is:  (you may wish to read the poem first. It is up to you….)


* artful tears- Tears of or designed for manipulation

* grand wall- The  movie screen

*wizards- Companions of the Ancient Serpent

*attend upon our booth- To take our seat at the show….


The Empty Image of Art


The artful tears to warp to

warp the mind.

Fiat truth, who’s roots

a man ne’er find.


I climbed the wall

Where grand vision struck.

I saw that nothing behind

the grand vision was tucked.


The arts and the pen,

Gods good gift to man.

Now give face to nothing,

fill with nothing the empty can.


Filter we must,

with reason our passion.

Er wizards come,

and steal our good ration.


Come now dear friends

let us attend upon our booth.

Watch and remember

mere passion be not Truth.


Beauty and passion

be but little part.

While Truth, do true philosophers

instill in hearts…


Stage, canvas and paper

full of “art” they may be.

Warm hearts awake passions

Though, Truth with strife alone can one see.


So love true art,

filling not your heart with foolish lies.

For The Deceiver has slain many,

with tears and false cries…….




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