Let hope die???

I often wonder as I have this night, ‘Do I let this hope inside of me die?’. I want to love life and wring every ounce of joy I can get out of it. As Kevin Prosch says ” Sometimes we win…. But most of the time I get this feelin that I’m losing…”. I am at a loss for words in a search for hope and love. Right now Elliana is my hope and my joy. This is good, but I need a partner in this life. A Bonnie if you will.. That will walk this rocky path with me (her Clyde). The poem in the last post is for a very special person, who is worthy of every word. But I must say, they still don’t know this man. I’m in a place of turmoil and don’t want my condition to affect new relationships. But my past as yours shapes who we are and how we see this world. I am not a hard ass, but though I want to make compromises I cannot flex from the things that are most important to me. Ellies well being for instance is more important than any man or woman in the world. Where do you find your reason to hope? As hope in a life time relationship is concerned…. If I got you thinking, please share with me your point of view. Whether you are very optimistic or sad and see no hope. Please share with me……jt


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