Outlaw strivin free livin….

This may seem adolescent to some, but an honest man knows there is a bit of outlaw in us all. I consider it a part of my culture and I am proud to live free and unafraid of the powers that be. I would rather die today than bow to any authority out of fear. Those of you who know me know I try my best to be real with myself and those around me. Love and respect, I hope you enjoy……..jt


The blackened silhouette of an outlaw,

Visions of darkness haunt them all….

More honest a man can n’er be found.

A tortured soul the price of freedom, in hearts resound..

I know these men both tired and gray.

Though more wise with age, still young enough to miss wilder days.

Two wheels give way to horizons not yet seen.

Steel horses shake the ground, while people wonder at the scene.

My soul was made for this part of life.

peace is enforced, weakness alone brings strife.

It is more clear now than ever before.

This world is fake, your better off friends with an honest whore…

I will live this life until the day that I die.

Better an outlaw dirt-bag, than this worlds fake ass lies…

I love with my heart big and full,

I have decided to end life, come after me and you’re a fool..

Though truth is my life’s main goal,

when I grow weary I have the peace of a nice green bowl.

Our forefathers were outlaws,read a book and you’ll see.

This outlaw life is for me ’cause I’m free…

first draft completed 2/20/10



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