The pain of attempted trust..

At 35 years old I still go back and forth on the trust thing. I struggle personally, trying to be trustworthy myself. I guess if I have learned anything, it is that we all fail each other time to time. There is always a need to protect yourself from betrayed trust. It should not consume nor encapsulate your world view though. Just as you know that the body needs clothes to protect it from the elements so also the soul can rarely be bare for all to see. There are many levels of trust and every relationship should be honesty measured. We then decide which risk is acceptable. The sooner we see life for what it is and accept its many pains, the sooner we will be at peace…..jt


Sickening silent pain  

A sickening silent pain is

The life without trust.

It eats at my soul

And my mind it corrupts.

The passions they destroy me,

How the mind is cluttered

And the body spent.

In the sound of silence I

Can find no rest.

Mistrust like a sickness

Gives my stomach no rest.

My eyes close not in peace, but in visions

Of betrayal from family and friend.

Only God can rescue me

From this prison of mine.

I will close my eyes and rise again,

And walk down the path to the door.

Again I will knock, for in the

House of The Truth

I know that there is rest.


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