A saint..and my angel…

Grandma and Gandpa Duggan

My grandmother was the light in my life. In her presence there was love and acceptance always. I miss her so much, but when I think of her as my heart hurts, it also smiles. She had a child-like interest in all the things around her and she had a wisdom that comes from a life of pain and trials. I am posting here the first page of the book she began about her life. Read it and you will get a small taste of what it was like to grow up with this truely special woman… My grandmother Helen R. Duggan, my hero!


Find the good in all that happens, find the good in us all, find the faith that is in us toward peace: Tear down the walls.

That’s the Way It Is

To Mama, who gave me the tools to live a good life, to believe in the fair and the just, but most of all who showed me God in her quiet face.

To my children and their children, to show we have been, and left our footprints next to the footprints of our Lord, who held our hands along the way.

In my attempt to write down the story of the lives of five, ignored and forgotten members of a family, I may be unkind in some of my memories, please know, all who are involved in some way have contributed to who I am today and hopefully who those other four people are in their own fantastic characters.


One time after Mama died, some church ladies came to the house and brought boxes of clothes. (It always seemed funny to me that they only brought women’s clothes, never any kids clothes) I was standing next to a nicely dressed lady and I touched her dress, because it looked so soft, and she jumped and looked at me like I had a bad disease, then they quickly left. (I always wondered why she did that) and maybe as the years rolled by and I couldn’t stand to be touched, that was part of the reason.

You see I’m just beginning to understand a child doesn’t learn nearly as much from what you say as how you act toward them. They seem to feel much more than anything else. And how you act toward them is the thing they carry on in life. A nice smile or a pat on the head or a hug can do wonders. Beware of all you pass by in this world, make just a glance, or a pat or hug your trademark and please pull from the Jesus Christ in you for the truth. You can’t act it, you must feel it…

The only time I could remember getting that attention was the only thing I remember from my Father. I can remember running to hug his legs and he seemed to love it. 

The people walking around that are tragically, remember are the ones no one could care about or touch. Reach out however small a way to look some one right in the eye and say hello, and make them answer, they need someone. 

You know, when life is over you will be very proud to tell God how many people love you. But He is going to say this does not count. “ How many people do you really love?” This is the thing to count on before God.


2 Responses to “A saint..and my angel…”

  1. Aunt connie Says:

    Thank you J! Love the blog! You are inspiring!

  2. Grandma seriously was an amazing person!! She lives in me every day and with every step of my life!! I love these posts!! This is really great! Love you and hang in there!

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