True friends are rare…

In this life we are not given many good friends.  In my own life I have at times found it exhausting looking for them.  Pouring myself into “friends” that had no intention of loving me back. I have also been the friend in need more than my share. Being a good friend is just as the rest of this life; It is a struggle to the end, to prefer another over yourself. In the words of Christ Himself, “No greater love does a man have than to lay down his life for his friends.” . Two of the greatest evils in this world are fear and selfishness, and freindships have the power to abolish both. May God grant you the best of friends. This is an older poem I wrote.  Tell me what you think…jt

Brother….Honor my friendship

Break not my trust as did

Judas for the sake of greed.

Do not kiss me and

Nail my heart to the tree.

True friendship is rare, and

Found where there is blood and struggle.

Its truth lives where life ends

Where death may take hold.

My brother may death not find

You alone for your sake.

May your friendship be a joy

And a prize for those who partake.

Honor the friendship of a brother

In trust to the end.

In fire forge the bond of truest

Friend or burn there within.

May God my brother grant you love.

Even and especially if the price be paid with blood…..



3 Responses to “True friends are rare…”

  1. Aunt connie Says:

    I like this. I think it is always interesting to see what people write. It helps to know them better. It may be mostly a guy thing to have friendship forged in blood and struggle. Will you look for them other places do you suppose? Love Aunt Connie

  2. I am touched by your thoughts on friendship. I too have found myself exhausted from searching for true friends – the best of the best. I was always the type that would prefer to have 1 best friend, rather than have a lot of friends I never really get to know inside and out.

    But I continue believing in this concept. We know it’s hard, and it’s probably supposed to be that way, because people like us know that once we find it, it’s going to be the best feeling.

    • Thank you for your comment bro. Many people dont understand that friendship is supposed to be transparent. We are all faulty in character. But if we truely know one another and still choose to love, what an awsome feeling!

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