Where courage and heroism are commonplace.

There are men in this country and from all parts of the world who put themselves in harms way for a living. They do it because they believe in something…. I have love and respect for the soldier and the honest law enforcement officer. It was after a conversation with a former Army Officer who led men in Afghanistan that I wrote this poem. I hope you enjoy…jt

Hero’s Tomb

Rest now my brother in your hero’s tomb

I will make you immortal,

To the cowards lies leave no room.

Write if I must, with your blood ‘pon the canvas

I will have no man

Speak of your name with malice.

Though the truth of our work fades in and fades out.

I stood with you… I held you…..

Of your manhood there is no doubt.

Now I tread here softly above your grave with care.

As the shade of the great oak,

My love covers you there.

We brothers who walk, where death ceaselessly looms.

Know the dirt that surrounds you….

Is no less than a hero’s tomb.

Jason T. Saldana


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