A work in progress….

This is a work in progress and my interpretations of life’s goals with its confusing nature made worse by “the cult of personality” that surrounds us. Truth is everlasting while men sway like grass and pass quickly into eternity. I hope you enjoy.     jt  

As I Look I Have Seen..  

As I look I have seen,  

Across the vast expanse of darkness and bones.  

At the far edges all men gather as sheep.  

Attempting an interpretation of this expanse from afar.  

I have seen upon the bones, the magicians as they gather.  

The cult of personality and the spinners of lies.  

Men stand in awe and are ushered to and fro at the whim,  

Of the magic and confidence of liars.  

The magicians gloat and they are fat upon their image of power.  

While fear of Truth and freedom give no rest to these.  

As I look I have seen,  

Across the vast expanse of darkness and bones.  

Candles, small lights held by men of humble stature…  

I have seen the persecution brought upon these “fools”.  

I look with wonder in my heart, at these men who stand and do not flee.  

And They do not flee even as they are slaughtered from the earth.  

Their story it seems, will not be heard nor tolerated by men.  

Upon their harts lie scars and wounds,  

While their eyes they pierce, and are colored by peace.  

Fear does not plague these men though sorrow it seems should mark their way……  

There are if you will see, magicians for all times.  

If  you look, there are beautiful hero’s for every space in time.  

In history we have both if you will see.  

I have left the edge to find the Truth.  

To wade through the bones and the blood of time.  

I have found no peace at the edge, and only madness within myself.  

I will grow insane as Nietzsche with the prospect of a world empty of Truth.  

Men live where there is suffering and futility in struggle.  

And suffering without triumph is worthless and disdainful.  

For triumph in my goal and in spite of my stature,  

I shall attempt to be truly Veritus in name.  

My way is marked with failure and weaknesses.  

In life my sorrows are many and self imposed.  

As I breathe there can be no other reason for life,  

Than to know and exist in truth to its end.  

For in the face of death all that is false will be revealed,  

Alone and naked will every man be before Him who has no lies.  

Seek with me brother, the birth of nations and the truest among the hearts of men!  

To scorn the magician and walk through the dirt and the bones.  

Life my friend has happened over and over again.  

If you are fit for the struggle, with warm and hungry hearts.  

Let us become students….  

Let us seek and find all that is True and timeless,  

In this ever-changing world….  



4 Responses to “A work in progress….”

  1. nice piece of writing, am struggling to communicate my thoughts outright on paper as my english class this sem. requires 8-10,000 words. was fearful of argumentative writing last sem. and that is all we are doing this sem. points are made clearer and precise with a lttle research. don’t think I will pursue a career in writting, but it’s helping me to write nonetheless. i’m wrestling spiritually to be honest with myself, needing to call brothers out on selfish prideful acts that make me want to disown them. I would not want God to abandon me.

    • Thank you for taking a look! I wish it were different but I think the struggles will never really stop. Hopefuly Grandma is praying for us! I think too that I am so petty that I have no clue how big Gods love is…..Thanks again

  2. Interesting. Many thanks for that, but you deserve more thanks than that. I am afflicted with color blindness (tritanopia to be precise). I use Opera browser (no idea if that makes a difference), and many web pages are tricky to read as a result of an unfortunate variety of colours employed ithe design. Here, as the range of colors is fine, the website is very clear and pleasant to read. I don’t know whether this was a deliberate and conscious deed, or just good luck, but nevertheless, I thank you.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. It was not deliberate but I am a plain ole outlaw who has a hard time with busy web sites myself. I am so happy that you enjoyed your visit. Please share with others. Thanks again!

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