My Intention


chin up when you walk, and down when you fight!

      It is my intention here to share my talent of writing as well as my life. I love philosophy, history and religion and hope to share and inspire an equal love to all who visit. My life has taken me to the monastery and to the prison system. I have enjoyed the company of the women of the street and I have kissed the hand of Bishops and monks. There are times that I have spent dirty money and I have surely spent the hard-earned dollar. I have tried to love this life and live it well, though my hypocrisies continually mock me. I am jt, a man of many follies who cannot let the world pass by without trying to comprehend its many mysteries. Here I will write and share only hoping that there are like souls in this world. Which man will be honest, facing his own folly without fear. For when I criticize, I can for the most part include myself on the list of guilty parties. Life cannot be lived in lies and false impressions, for upon my last breath I want to know what I really did. What are we doing?! Choosing the path of the coward or the hero. Everyday we have the choices in front of us. What will define me? Not another mans impression of me, but my own soul…. There is a time for all things and a place for all people. So let us seek always for higher things, ever learning from ours and our fathers mistakes. Laughing at our own simple logic and folly while loving as many people around us as we can stand. I hope that less people breathe their last having been nothing, having loved nothing. May your life and mine have purpose my friends……jt


2 Responses to “My Intention”

  1. lil dreamer Says:

    wow… you never cease to amaze me. your words are so inspiring and so real. My heart has always been with you, even if at times it didn’t appear so, please know i always hoped for nothing but happiness and a better life for you. you are my friend, one of the few “true” souls that i’ve had the pleasure of knowing throughout this hell that i call life. i hope someday to find peace within myself, that you seem to have found. the funny thing is,… is that that happiness was always at your fingertips, since the day she was born, unfortunately sometimes we have to walk a long n lonely road thru a path of pain and self destruction before we learn that the answer to happiness is right in front of our eyes most the time. hopefully i get there before its too late. te amo…. por vida y siempre!

  2. Aunt connie Says:

    Wow is right! I agree about wanting to know what a person really did. I feel so false sometimes, wearing a mask of attempted perfection. Thank you.

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