Lifes sweetness…

My reason for life!

Daddys princess


I wish my friend I could explain….    

by Jason T Saldana    

In the brightest time of my life A princess came to me…                                  Bourne on the beauty of another Hers was beauty uncommon and a joy to see..    

There is nothing that can match the joy As her lil heart beats next to mine… In a world without her I could nay imagne the moon would glow or the sun retain its shine.    

I smile as I remember times I’d wake, With those pretty pink toe in my face… Times we’ve spent in search of bugs, lay in the grass, and stared into space…    

I wish my friend I could explain, The feelings that live here in my heart..  While alive, with my life, blood and freedom I will allow nothing to harm….    

Dear Elli I love you. There has been no greater day than the one I first held you. As you have grown so fast, there are so many ways have I failed you. I can make no excuse just know my love… That tears stain every path that i have walked without you.. I miss you and love you…Daddy Jason T. Saldana W/ pain of heart    



One Response to “Lifes sweetness…”

  1. Aunt connie Says:

    Very sweet. My guess is that she will treasure it always.

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