The struggle within..


I aint playin I quit school cuz of recess...

Life’s Sinful Rhythms

As I move and the rhythm of life takes hold,
I dance and the sin I detest becomes within me more bold.
Ill chop you in half the love in my heart grown cold.

Please do not test my intentions,
The voices inside me have gathered in dissention.
Against all love the pain tears muscle and tendon.

The ideals I love are no protection here.
Life’s goals once golden, are now for sure unclear..
I’m torn and think not weakness the reason for these damn tears.

Can this outlaw be a truly good man.
I cant say, God my judge knows my true intention and plan.
To me it seems many times that this whole life is a scam….

Bed another lady, sell a couple more bags.
With many good intentions my righteousness still filthy rags.
Where is true righteousness bold like rocky Nor Cal crags?

Truth come and make your home in this dirty heart!
Destroy the intentions of sin that are my part.
Please Lord give this angry tired man a new start.

Life’s dirty intentions are an enjoyable rhythm.
Flesh poundin, and midnight prayers lend to my souls schism.
Outlaw lovin, gotta work out life’s indecisions.

I pray and I call out to the Master of all Truth!
The rhythms of hate and anger destroy my soul as sugar corrupts tooth.
Give true strength to this outlaw, or give me Lincolns booth………

Keepin it real….Veritas Feb. 2 2010/revised1


One Response to “The struggle within..”

  1. Aunt connie Says:

    Very moving J.

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